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Prohibition of Extracting Web Materials including Plugin Files

I first appreciate to whom are friends with Dragon Cave.
May you are intimate with us for a long time.

Nevertheless, I have an issue to let you know about management of Dragon Cave.
Almost of you are not worried, but I decided to definitly state this problem because it must not be in abandon.

In these month, I observed someone downloads just scripts or helps in Dragon Cave
by using external website extracting tools.
As a site policy, I ban such performance.

This does not come from just my feeling, but explosion of server access load.

  1. Load for Server Equipments
Dragon Cave is completely self-management by Soryu including server maintainance.
This is like opening a store by borrowing some parts of my house.

Considering with the scale of RPGMaker community, this style is enough adequate to control site accesses.
Although, Dragon Cave is just a part of my house. I never feel good by using network band wastefully by others.
  1. Thought of "Free Ware"
I sometimes feel in twitter that some people regard "free plugin distributing" developers as just a useful tool.
Though recent society is getting to that "Everyone can programming", programmers are not target of respect comparing
to other skillfull developers???

Dragon Cave distributes plugins with no fees.
But they never be free, and trashes like unsold inventories.

Making plugins just for me is quite easy. But, it takes much additional time to release as material by
implementing plugin parameters and APIs, preparing documents both in Japanese and English, and so on.

A reason to distribute plugins without download fees is to encourage
"those who REALLY want to create OWN video games".

In fact, Only Soryu needs All plugins in Dragon Cave to create a game.
For general users, I just wish a few of them match your sence.

I never think that plugins in Dragon Cave help people who just download all mechanically them even they are "for free".
They are finally discarded. I can afford to help such people. I sometimes feel like nihilistic impression
thinking about the deal of my plugin as free advertisement newspapers which can be reprinted infinitely.

I consider that "Free" materials are not for real "free".
"Free" materials stand on trust in users and distributors each other.
Otherwise, it may be failure.

By the way, I stated SoR License for terms of use of plugins.
This was actually raised by a harassment depends on loophole of MIT License.
Even if it is "free", I think some irritated issues raise up without no restrictions.

Consequently, I completely forbid any performances like web contents extraction which is not
commonsensible behavior on the web site. I ban whoever did that.
I may finally SHUT DOWN Dragon Cave and make a licenses that no more people cannot use any plugins.

Sometimes, you may not access to Dragon Cave due to internal troubles.
Although, it usually must not be occur that plugins and helps are suddenly missing.
They never runaway from home. Please feel easy.

They are always displayed at the corner of my houst and they are still updated.
So, please take them as much as you need (and you can eat).

In particular, observation of "which kinds of plugins" and "how many times" they are downloaded
is very important to decide directivity of Dragon Cave (maintainance to distribute plugins with no fees).

For some reasons (moving?), if you want to keep Dragon Cave's materials in your local disk,
please ask me in advance. I will pack a zip file to send you.

This is the most important to keep this website for a long span
and make visitors feel confortable.

Best Regards,

Soryu a master of Dragon Cave
--- February 10th, 2021


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